Industrial Security Appliance


s&t embedded has created a product family „Industrial Security Appliance“ (ISA) which is specialised on the following industrial needs:
• Simple implementation and configuration
• Allows IT and OT departments to implement their own requirements very fast
• Industrial form factor
• Comprehensive Cybersecurity Set
• IoT protocols, visualization software

ISA includes in one system appliances in Dinrail formats, the HMI series Flatman© with integrated „Virtual ISA“ and zenon© visualization. (COPA-DATA certified)
Industrial Security Appliance ISA Industrial Security Appliance ISA
On the web you can find a simple visualization of a soft PLC. Here you can see the integration of the S&T Industrial Security Appliance („ISA“) into a visualization.

By turning the control dial knob on the left you can control a PLC counter. The actual status of the counter is shown in the field „PLC Count“ of the visualization part „Modbus Variables“. On the right side „Firewall Status“ you can see a traffic light display which is driven by a second system, the S&T ISA.
In case of various anomalies or attacks (async http requests, DDoS, ....) the ISA firewall of this demo causes an alert and sends this to the visualization – the traffic light turns to red. In the field „#Alerts“ the number of firewall messages is counted up. After finishing the attack the ISA firewall reports this to the Soft-SPS – the traffic light turns to green again.

This demo shall demonstrate in which way s&t embedded ISA systems – even retrospectively – can be used in industrial systems for the presentation of process visualizations. By this, complex processes can be caused e. g. defective goods which have been produced at the beginning of the attack, stop of the assembly line, user decision and so on.

A special feature of the ISA is the protection of abusing industrial protocols. MODBUS rules are already predefined in the system, further rules can be programmed custom specific and can be generated automatically from the existing installation.